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What Is the Experience of Testing CompTIA Security + Certification?

Security + certification is a very neutral international certification, highly recognized by 147 countries around the world. Security + certification was once rated as one of the top ten certifications in the IT industry in the world. At present, it is rated as one of the four most recommended information security practitioner certifications (CISSP, CISA, CISP, security +) in the industry. There are no requirements for work experience in the registration conditions. The candidates' mastery of basic security concepts and best practices is mainly in the following six areas: network security, compliance and operation and maintenance security, threats and vulnerabilities, applications, data and host security, access control and identity management, and cryptography. They are entry-level examinations, but they are also difficult. I give you the following suggestions: I: Make A Learning Plan Suitable for Yourself ① Once you know what you need to know, create a learning plan. Arrange the study time reasonably according to the work and rest of your work life. ② How about your professional foundation and knowledge reserve? Better professional skills can save a lot of review time, but we can't take it lightly. We still need to know the information such as the length of the exam and the ideas of the person who wrote the question. II: Choose A Suitable Learning Method Because this is an entry-level exam, many people may take it without reviewing, and they are not familiar with the exam strategy and time. The simulation test can help you estimate the time required for each question and your knowledge level. At the beginning, you can do exercises in a certain knowledge field. After you master all the contents, you can do a complete set of test questions, carry out simulation training of the actual examination, or sign up for a training class. 1. If you study by yourself: ① Simulation training: Official exercises of CompTIA (free); SPOTO CompTIA Security+ dumps。 If you review enough at ordinary times, it will play a good role to relax before the exam. ② Be sure to be familiar with all the contents about Security + in the official website of CompTIA, which will also have a lot of useful information, such as the examination and training institutions, examination topics, exercise questions and learning materials on the official website. The exam objectives of CompTIA security+ and the above exercises are free of charge. These materials can help you build your own learning plan. 2. If you choose to sign up for the pre-exam training class: people who choose independent review are very brave, but it is risky for many people at the primary level. It is recommended that you pass the exam before the training class. In the study of the training course, some people ask for advice when they encounter problems, and they can also exchange experience and test tactics with other test partners. Generally speaking, training courses can greatly improve the passing rate of examinations. III: Find An Online Examination Community to Communicate Candidates with good English can find many experience posts by searching the examination forum and personal website of Security + certification.

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